Conversations about Vancouver’s Black community: time to shift which topics the dialogue is focused on, says community leader

Aisha Kiani, Anthonia Ogundele & Vanessa Richards
Aisha Kiani, Anthonia Ogundele & Vanessa Richards - Handouts
Laurence Gatinel - CFRO - VancouverBC | 16-10-2020

By Tan Mei Xi
"There's an opportunity to talk about what we're doing... outside of waiting for a city or a government to do some of the major lifts that need to happen," said Vanessa Richards, the facilitator of the anti-Black racism town hall recently held by the City of Vancouver. "We're helping to make [policy change] happen, but what I don't want to see happen is that the only story about Black Van is the fulfillment of a community land trust, the conversation of our relationship to police, and a conversation that is only about us in relation to struggle."

"I wanted your listeners to have the opportunity to see 'wow, look at the beautiful stuff that's happening'", Richards told The PULSE on CFRO. "[The projects] are tangible... lives are being changed."

"We're getting it done. That's the story I want people to know about."