Expanding operations at Bingemans in Kitchener

Children play in a water park. Water spouts up as a small girl in a striped pink purple and blue one piece swimsuit and a pink sun hat closely stares and plays. Behind her and on the right on the photo a shirtless bot in blue, white, black and grey Volcom swim trunks catches water from another spout.
As COVID-19 restrictions ease in Ontario, Bingemans will be reopening many of their attractions. Image: Ian D Keating CC - 2.0 https://pxhere.com/en/photo/272537
Namish Modi - CKMS - KitchenerON | 02-08-2021
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Host: Namish Modi

CKMS News spoke with president of Bingemans in Kitchener, Mark Bingeman. This piece is a follow-up to the nterview with Explore Waterloo Region CEO Minto Schneider from last week.

In discussion with CKMS, Bingeman discusses how the pandemic has affected Bingemans, one of the biggest hospitality organizations in Waterloo region. Bingemans has several types of facilities including banquet halls, water park, arcade, bowling alley and much more. 

As of July 16, Bingemans was allowed to open many more of its indoor facilities as Ontario moved into Step 3 of its reopening plan. 

Bingeman is happy that the company is bringing back staff who may have been laid off during COVID while he expects bigger events like Oktoberfest to come back in Fall, in a modified, covid friendly form. 

Tune in to the CKMS interview below: 

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