Yamaska Valley Optimist Club announces fundraisers to help Brome-Missisquoi Youth

The Yamaska Valley Optimist Club has two fundraisers in May to raise funds to help Brome-Missisquoi Youth. Photo taken from the Yamaska Valley Optimist Club's website.
The Yamaska Valley Optimist Club has two fundraisers in May to raise funds to help Brome-Missisquoi Youth. Photo taken from the Yamaska Valley Optimist Club's website.
Taylor McClure - CIDI - KnowltonQC | 27-04-2023
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The Yamaska Valley Optimist Club (YVOC) is bringing back two of its fundraisers in May to raise money in support of its mission to help the youth of Brome-Missisquoi - with a few changes in store.

All proceeds raised from the fundraisers will go towards funding some of the activities and necessities for the three youth group homes in Cowansville, the local elementary schools, including Knowlton Academy, St-Édourd, Sutton School, and Heroes’ Memorial, Massey-Vanier High School - English, and more.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, the non-profit organization will be selling bouquets of ten multi-coloured tulips from Brome Lake-based florist Fleurissima. The bouquets will be put together by Debbie Hornig from Fleurissima and members of the YVOC.

“It was more for International Women’s Day, but this year we decided to move our International Women’s day more towards Mother’s Day, a dual celebration. So it’s in the month of May this year,” she noted.

After a hiatus, the YVOC is bringing back its fashion show fundraiser, combined with an English-tea style luncheon. Local stores will have their clothes on display and Brome Lake fashion designer Melissa Pratte will show off her creations after studying fashion design in Italy. Participating stores include Mysterio (Bromont), Cycle Campus Sutton, Boutique Rococo, Iris Setlakwe, Windrush, Friperie Caro-Lu, and Friperie Karma.

“It was a great event, we raised money, people had fun, they enjoyed themselves. So we decided to get back to doing a fashion show. The fashion show was organized by one of our members Diane and the local stores are participating,” she said. “The models are mostly club members, but we also have a few people from the community who are modelling as well.”

According to Davis, all proceeds raised will go to the YVOC’s “global fund.”

“Our global fund is involved with the two elementary schools here in Knowlton. One of the projects that is going to be happening this summer is there is going to be a sailing club for some of the grade six students that are interested. We’re not supporting the whole activity, but we’re putting funds toward that activity,” she explained. “Then we have the backpack program at Knowlton Academy for kids that don’t have what they need to be at school. We provide them the pencils, the paper, the duo-tangs, to allow them to participate and do well in school.”

The global fund also supports the breakfast/snack program at Sutton School and Heroes’ Memorial, scholarships provided to Massey-Vanier High School students, and more. 

“They’re both great fundraisers so if people could support them that would be great. That way we can continue doing the activities with the youth of Brome-Missisquoi and helping them out. Also, if you’re interested in becoming a member we’re always looking for members,” Davis emphasized. 

The YVOC’s fundraisers are sponsored by Knowlton & Co, Santé Dentaire Lac Brome, Laborex, Équipe Financière Banque Nationale, McGale, Charpentier, Coté, and Lois Hardacker Royal LePage au Sommet Knowlton.

To order your bouquet of tulips or for more information about the English-tea luncheon and fashion show visit the YVOC website. 

Listen to the full interview below: