Winter Walk Day to take over Alberta once again

Winter Walk Day 2020 in Edmonton. Photo courtesy of Alberta Blue Cross.
Ryan Hunt - CFWE - EdmontonAL | 31-01-2023
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This Feb. 1 marked Winter Walk Day in Alberta, an annual event organized by Alberta Blue Cross to encourage Albertans to get outside and stay active during the winter months.

This year also marks the first time since February 2020 that there will be in-person festivities to celebrate Winter Walk Day.

With the cold, Canadians tends to stay inside more often. Winter Walk Day is meant to bring people outside, while also helping people "come together and celebrate winter, celebrate being active, and getting outside," according to Brian Geislinger, vice president of Corporate Relations and Community Engagement at Alberta Blue Cross.

Last year, over 140,000 Albertans participated in Winter Walk Day.

The Alberta Blue Cross isn't the only organization behind Winter Walk Day: Geislinger says there's a lot of people and organizations behind the event, including the Alberta Parks and Recreation Association, Shape AB, Ever Active Schools, the Government of Alberta and others.

Over the years, the event has gained so much traction, other provinces are starting to hold a Winter Walk Day of their own, Geislinger adds.

There are many ways to participate in Winter Walk Day. There's lot of organizations having planned walks, there's also community planned walks, but Geislinger encourages people to "plan your own walk in your community.", and to also treat every day as Winter Walk Day.

More information can be found at ShapeAB's website.

​​Listen to the full CFWE Interview below with Brian Geislinger: