Welcome mat is out as Perkins House renos completed

The outside of a white historic home on an overcast day with trees behind it and a yard in front.
Perkins House Museum. Photo by Ed Halverson.
Ed Halverson - QCCR - LiverpoolNS | 13-07-2021

One of the oldest homes in in Nova Scotia is new again.

Liverpool’s Perkins House reopened Monday following an almost year-long renovation.

Director of Perkins House and the Queens County Museum Linda Rafuse says like everything else, the pandemic played a role in the timing of the reopening.

“It was supposed to be opened a couple of weeks ago but that got delayed with the last COVID shutdown because we had to wait for the furniture to be transferred to the house,” said Rafuse.

The historic site has been closed since May of 2015 when staff reported structural issues.

The province stepped in and provided $1.5 million dollars to assess the damage and restore the site.

The house is now structurally sound and ready to resume its role telling the story of Liverpool’s past.

Rafuse says walking into Perkins House transports visitors to a different time.

“When you’re coming into a historic home, you want to walk into a historic home that looks like it’s been lived in,” said Rafuse. “That’s how the staff will interpret it to you and tell you the story.”

Visitors to Perkins House will experience the story of its owner Simeon Perkins through discussions and demonstrations with staff dressed in period costume.

Three women stand in front of an old white door inside of a historic house.

Perkins House staff. L-R: Director Linda Rafuse, interpreters Linda Moulton and Jamie Dunn. Photo by Ed Halverson.

Many of the hands-on activities such as laundry, weaving and sewing will be made available as COVID-19 restrictions lift.

Rafuse says finally reopening the building means a great deal to the entire community.

“This has been an iconic symbol in the community for over 250 years. Everybody always keeps their eyes on Perkins House and [are] always asking how are things coming and when is going to open and always the discouraging answer of, don’t know, don’t know,” said Rafuse. “So it has been a long road but the end result was worth the wait.”

Perkins House is open to the public seven days a week. Check their website for times.

Reported by Ed Halverson 
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