Viewpoints Ep.85

Viewpoints Ep.85
Boris Chassagne - - MontrealQC | 03-11-2023
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On today’s show:
A recent survey finds that more Canadians are living beyond their means. Inflation and high interest rates are for many, becoming unbearable. In British Columbia, Premier David Eby is taking the bull by the horns with legislation to regulate short-term rentals. In Québec, students take to the streets to protest increases in tuition fees which would affect out-of-province undergraduate and professional master’s students. They are looking at a $17,000 tuition bill per year as soon as next fall. Alberta announces long-term investments into Indigenous infrastructure and will expand the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation’s loan guarantee from its current $1 billion, to $3 billion next year. In Nova Scotia NDP opposition is asking Premier Tim Houston to cut grocery tax on all food items.

Thanks to our journalists Meagan Deuling, Jules Bugiel, Mick Sweetman, Ryan Hunt and Haeley DiRisio. National coordinators, Maureen McEwan and Victoria Fenner. Host and producer Boris Chassagne. Viewpoints is brought to you by the Community Radio Fund of Canada.