Viewpoints Ep.28

Viewpoints Ep.36
Viewpoints Ep.36
Boris Chassagne - CANADA-INFO.CA - MontrealQC | 30-09-2022
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On today’s show, we’re exploring visual arts, literature and culture.

We’ll first go to Revelstoke, BC where artist Johny Bandura produced a series of portraits in memory of the 215 children whose graves were discovered at the former Kamloops Residential School last summer. Just in time for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. And then to the other end of the country to Sackville, New Brunswick where the Owens Art Gallery needs help to reunite a series of 100 portraits produced by artist John Murchie. And we have some literature in the mix. The Kingston WritersFest investigates what’s under the surface. Finally, the Six Nations’ Longhouse will be rebuilt after being destroyed by fire. A one million dollar fundraiser has been launched.

Before we leave today, to those of you who are listening on September 30th and after this date, we would like to recognize and honour our fellow citizens on this National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Orange is the color to wear to pay tribute to the survivors of the residential school system and, of course, to honour the memory of all the children who did not make it home. This on behalf of all our collaborators this week, Andrew Dow, Karim Mosna, Meagan Deuling, Erica Butler, our national coordinator Maureen McEwan, your host and producer Boris Chassagne, and the entire team at the Community Radio Fund of Canada in Ottawa.