Viewpoints Ep.25

Boris Chassagne - - | 09-09-2022
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On today’s Viewpoints:

In British Columbia, the Kootenay Insurrection for Safe Supply says it bought drugs off the dark web as a statement in support of a safe supply of drugs. Queen’s University SNOLAB receives $102 million for its research on dark matter and neutrino particles. Dalhousie University researchers just received a $4.8 million grant in their efforts to battle a very invasive and fatal brain cancer. And through our Periscope this week we’ll take a peek on what’s been going on in BC, Sutton, Québec, and Sackville, New Brunswick.

Our journalists this week were Karim Mosna, Sara Gouda, John Rune, Erica Butler, Taylor McClure, Meagan Deuling, Sara Gouda and Loni Taylor. Host and producer Boris Chassagne. National coordinator Maureen McEwan. Viewpoints is produced by the Community Radio Fund of Canada.