Viewpoints 90

Viewpoints 90
Boris Chassagne - - MontrealQC | 08-12-2023
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On today’s show:
The College of New Caledonia has just welcomed its first female president, in 54 years. The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence culminates on December 10. We’ll travel to Smithers, BC, and to Knowlton, Québec, where women’s coalitions and organizations are working to break the cycle of physical, verbal and psychological violence. And back to Revelstoke, British Columbia, where the residents of two of the biggest mobile home parks may have a chance to buy their land!

Special thanks to our team. Journalists Meagan Deuling, Pamela Haassen, Taylor McClure and Ian Gregg. Our national editors are Victoria Fenner and Maureen McEwan. Host and producer Boris Chassagne. Viewpoints is presented by the Community radio Fund of Canada.