Viewpoints 89

Viewpoints 90
Boris Chassagne - - MontrealQC | 01-12-2023
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On today’s show:
Google will spend $100M to compensate Canadian media for lost revenues. What impact could Google’s millions have on the Canadian community radio sector if any? Will it get its share of the pie? Representatives from media outlets from across the country appeared in front of the CRTC to voice their ideas and concerns around the reform of the Broadcasting Act. Small business programs in Toronto will get $3M from the federal government to finance post-pandemic recovery. And Santa Claus is giving out gift cards to hundreds of seniors in Nova Scotia.

Thanks to our journalists, Owen Thompson, Ed Halverson, Taylor McClure and their guests. National Editors are Maureen McEwan and Victoria Fenner. Host and producer Boris Chassagne. Viewpoints is produced by the Community Radio Fund of Canada.