Veteran in Bath celebrates release of new song for Remembrance Day

Digital Poster for "Still Over There" song release event. Photo by Welborne Commons.
Ted Evans - CJAI - StellaON | 03-11-2023
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Local resident, veteran and songwriter Steve Giberson is performing at Welborne Commons in Bath to celebrate the release of his new song, "Still Over There," for Remembrance Day.

Giberson co-wrote the song with New Brunswick singer/songwriter Julian Austin who released it as a single on Nov. 1. "Still Over There" can be heard on YouTube.

At the event, Giberson will be diving into each of the three verses in the song. He intends to play and sing each verse by himself with an acoustic guitar, and then accompany each with a story and time for questions. Giberson explains how each verse breaks down a different war.

"The song itself breaks it down into three parts. So the first verse is about World War II, the second verse is about our experiences in the Balkans in the 90s, and then the third verse is specifically about Afghanistan. So basically, it's the story; There's kind of like three sub stories to it," said Giberson.

Giberson retired as a Major from the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps in 2017 and now works as an independent contractor. He's also been working at songwriting for about 12 years, but has started taking it more seriously since 2021. While in the military, he met Austin and they began talking about the idea of writing a song together. Once they finally put the piece together, it wasn't until recently that Giberson suggested releasing the song.

"Since I got serious about doing the songwriting, I was doing some work out west in the last year and a half, and I said 'Hey, man, I think we should release that song,'" said Giberson.

As a veteran and artist, Giberson noted the amount of support he's seen from the community in Bath, and mentioned how the event will see this all come together.

"I want folks to know that this is a place where veterans, artists, and local support in community comes together and I think that's what going to happen on the 9th. All of those things are going to intersect right in the middle of this small village, [and I] don't think it gets much better than that," said Giberson

The Nov. 9 event is free. Reservations can be made by contacting Welborne Commons.

Listen to the story below;