Vandals strike Trestle Trail Bridge in Liverpool

A broken wooden rail hangs off a bridge over a river
Damage from vandals on the Trestle Trail Bridge. Photo by Kathy Mack.
Ed Halverson - QCCR/CJQC - LiverpoolNS | 21-10-2021
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Vandals damaged part of the newly completed Trestle Trail bridge in Liverpool over the weekend.

Queens Rails to Trails Association helps maintain the bridge and president Brian Hatt says a safety rail was kicked out from a viewing platform sometime Sunday evening.

“It’s the first incident we’ve experienced since we did the renovation or, restoration,” said Hatt.

Closed off and on over the past two years to allow for a complete rebuild of parts of the structure, the bridge just had interpretive panels installed in August.

The rebuild was made possible by the efforts of the Queens Rails to Trails Association, private donors as well as both the Region of Queens and provincial government.

The trail is well used by locals and tourists alike and Hatt is disappointed to see someone deliberately damage part of the bridge.

“It was engineered to be safe but I don’t know there’s anything you can build that will protect against vandalism,” said Hatt.

The damage was brought to the attention of Queens Rails to Trails Association and a member was out Monday making repairs.

Hatt says they will try to reinforce the  area so it can’t be broken so easily in the future.

He asks if anyone sees the bridge being damaged to call RCMP or contact him directly.

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