Upcoming TV series features the sustainable seafood industry off BC’s south coast

A woman in white trousers and black blazer, clad in sunglasses and smiling, is seated in front of an old brick wall.
Your Nation's Table host Carmen Ruiz y Laza. Photo supplied by Carmen Ruiz y Laza.
Greg Osoba - CKTZ - Cortes IslandBC | 24-05-2022
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A series is featuring the south coast of BC's sustainable seafood industry.

The series is called Your Nation's Table and launches Nov. 14 on JoyTV, a division of Zoomer Media. Program host Carmen Ruiz y Laza is based in Vancouver. She was inspired to do a TV series on sustainable seafood after reading novels by Cortes Island part-time resident Ruth Ozeki.

Your Nation's Table is currently in production. The most recent shoot focuses on the BC spot prawn industry. Ruiz y Laza says, up until a few years ago, most of the product was exported overseas, while tiger prawns were imported to Canada.

In the series, Ruiz y Laza collaborates with renowned chef Robert Clark, who in 2020 was awarded the Order Of Canada for his work on seafood sustainability. Ruiz y Laza says Clark, who is a co-founder of Ocean Wise, has helped return BC spot prawns to the local market.

CKTZ News caught up with Ruiz y Laza to find out more about Your Nation's Table. Listen to the report below: