Chief medical officer announces COVID-19 vaccine availability timeline

A close-up representation of the COVID-19 virus. It consists of a red textured ball covered by turquoise and blue spiky blooms.
A Covid-19 update was provided by the Waterloo Region Board of Health at Waterloo Region Council meeting. Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash
M.P. Holmes - CKMS - KitchenerON | 26-10-2023
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Up-to-date COVID and flu vaccines will be available for all residents on Monday, October 30. The announcement was made at this week's Waterloo Regional Council meeting by Dr. Hsui-Li Wang, the chief medical officer for Waterloo Region.

Up until now, vaccines had been reserved for vulnerable individuals, but starting Monday, the new vaccine will be made available to the wider public at local public health clinics and participating pharmacies and health care providers.

There are no walk in appointments at this time, and clinic appointments must be made through the provincial booking system.

Also on October 30, the Board of Health will begin sending notifications to parents as reminders to update children’s immunization records and vaccines.

The update also stated that while COVID 19 has been increasing slightly in the Region, wastewater data remains at elevated levels with signals dominated by most recent variant (XBB).

Listen to the show below: