Ukrainian flag staying at Shire Hall, council exploring partnership with Ukrainian city

A two story medium sized building with a worn brown brick facade with white four pillared portico. Municipal government offices.
Prince Edward County Shire Hall in March 2022. Photo by Alex Wright.
Alexander Wright - CJPE - PictonON | 12-01-2023
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At Tuesday's council meeting, Prince Edward County reaffirmed the municipality’s solidarity with Ukraine by voting to continue its raising of the Ukrainian flag at Shire Hall until the end of its term (or if hostilities cease overseas).

The county is also beginning to explore a twin-city relationship with one of four municipalities represented by a Ukrainian municipal delegation that visited Prince Edward County in 2019. The goal is to exchange information and ideas and learn about one another's governance models.

Sophiasburgh Coun. Bill Roberts, who proposed the motion at council, had the following words to say about the state of the four Ukrainian municipalities and his thoughts on the war thus far:

Listen to the full story below: