Trigon’s second berth in Prince Rupert now under construction with federal funding boost

An illustration of a second terminal berth on the ocean
"Berth 2 Beyond Carbon" where the green ship that is docked will be the added berth location. Photo courtesy of Trigon Pacific Terminals Ltd.
Morgyn Budden - CFNR - TerraceBC | 23-11-2022
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After a two year wait, Trigon Pacific Terminals Ltd. has started construction on their "Berth 2 Beyond Carbon" project on Ridley Island in Prince Rupert after receiving federal funding. 

On Nov. 16, the federal government announced that Trigon would be given $75 million through the National Trade Corridors Fund, which aids in transportation infrastructure for goods and people. 

In 2017, Trigon’s previous owners started the permitting and development process to build a second berth on Ridley Island. By 2020, the company applied for funding from the government, but due to a number of delays, they did not receive that funding until this month. 

Since federal funding was the missing piece of the puzzle, Trigon CEO Rob Booker says that material and equipment are already being brought in to start dredging in December. 

Booker says that this second berth will serve to create a supply chain of clean energy sources by exporting hydrogen as an attempt to transition away from hydrocarbon energy sources.

If all goes according to plan, Trigon expects the berth to be complete and in operation by 2026.

Listen to the CFNR story featuring Rob Booker below: