Treaty 6 Day, a momentous event in Devon

People gather at first time ever Treaty 6 day in Dale Fraser Arena
Treaty 6 Day first time ever celebrated in Devon. Photo: Bealiqué Kahmahkotayo
Bealique Kahmahkotayo - - EdmontonAL | 24-08-2021
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It was the very first time a treaty celebration ever took place in Devon.

Devon celebrated their first annual Treaty 6 Day on Monday.

The event took place at the Dale Fraser Arena, where there was information sessions on treaty, hand games presentation, vendors of arts and crafts, displays and cultural events, such as a hoop dancer, mini pow-wow and a round dance.

Mayor Ray Ralph says the event is the first step in the start of the reconciliation process with First Nations people and encourages other municipalities do the same.

The Treaty 6 Day was scheduled on August 23rd, the same day when Treaty 6 was signed in 1876, says Mitch Wincentaylo, Indigenous Engagement, Cultural and Inclusion Coordinator.

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