Township revokes CRINS membership, takes on responsibilities for telecommunications tower

Municipal building in background with flags and flower bed in foreground
The Odessa Municipal Office where Loyalist Township Council Meetings are held. Photo by Ted Evans.
Ted Evans - CJAI - StellaON | 14-12-2023
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Loyalist Township will be taking over the processing and management of a new telecommunications tower in Odessa. The tower has been constructed, but is not in operation.

Since 2015, the Canadian Radiocommunications Information and Notification Service (CRINS) has been the township's service provider to address wireless tower proposals. CRINS is a not-for-profit organization that works on behalf of participating land use authorities to ensure proper notification and public consultation processes occur.

When the processing for the new tower in Odessa began, CRINS was following protocol, but has since become unresponsive to communications from the township. Township staff have not been able to sign off on the required hydro connection.

Once the review and public consultation was completed, CRINS was to provide the township with a land use authority report. A letter of concurrence was to be issued to the proponent, and construction would begin. However, due to a lack of response from CRINS, as well as concerns with processing requirements, the township has officially decided to revoke its membership, and take over the processing themselves.

The township will be required to follow the Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) default public consultation process. According to staff's report, the potential for the township to explore the creation of its own protocol will be considered at a later date.

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