There is an urgent need to address the lack of affordable housing in B.C.

Example of modular housing
Example of modular housing - Artist rendering - Image courtesy of City of Richmond
James Mainguy - CFRO - VancouverBC | 25-11-2021
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September’s federal election resulted in almost no change to the House, leaving Justin Trudeau leading a minority government as Prime Minister. But the election campaign did see for the first time, all the major parties promising to help with the housing crisis gripping every major city in the country. And October saw Trudeau appoint a new minister for housing. 


Marika Albert, Policy Director for the B.C. Non-profit Housing Association (BCNPHA),  gives us her thoughts on the recent election, in particular, how “the media also really focused on the different parties' positions on housing and how to address housing affordability in the country.” 


“We were quite happy to see that, and we’re hoping to build on that momentum, for our upcoming municipal elections in the province,” she adds.


The BCNPHA is working on its next affordable housing plan for BC as, “We are not seeing the development of non-profit housing happening at the pace that we need it to be, to address the lack of…affordable housing in our communities,” continues Albert.


Listen to Marika Albert’s interview below.