The Valley Roundup: Small business owner Reann Gasper joins city council race

A Press photo of Candidate Reann Gasper in a all white suit.
Abbotsford city council candidate Reann Gasper. Photo courtesy of Reann Gasper's website.
Stephen Munga - CIVL - AbbotsfordBC | 13-10-2022
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Reann Gasper is running for municipal councilor in Abbotsford this fall.


Professionally, Gasper received a bachelor of arts diploma in Christian Ministry and is now a small business owner and real estate agent. The Abbotsford local is now shifting her focus to the municipal elections on Saturday, Oct. 15. Having recently joined the race for city council, Gasper is confident that she is the right candidate to help lead the city forward.

In an interview with CIVL, Gasper spoke on different issues she plans to address during her campaign, along with other matters concerning the community including housing and social issues. To earn more about Reann Gasper and her campaign, visit

Listen below for the full CIVL story: