The Ongoing Conversation in the Fraser Valley

MLA Bruce standing at an event in front of a group of people eating lunch wearing a blue jacket.
Abbotsford South MLA Bruce gives an update regarding the Fraser Valley flooding.
Surjit Atwal - CIVL - AbbotsfordBC | 07-06-2022
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The lasting impact of the November Fraser Valley flooding. Bruce Banman, MLA of Abbotsford South, spoke with CIVL regarding the Abbotsford flooding. Mr. Banman said," It was just about 6 months ago that we had horrific floods that went through the Sumas Prairie and devastated our farmers. The City of Abbotsford says floods are somewhat common in BC and even has a website for flood preparation; however, no one could have expected such devastation to occur. MLA Banman said,'' there were basically two floods. One was on the Western Portion and one was on the eastern portion [of Abbotsford]."