The meteoric rise of disc golf and the people who play in the Bulkley Valley

Glen Ingram lines up a 20 foot putt into a disc golf basket at Skillhorn Disc Golf Course in Telkwa, BC.
Photo by Pam Haasen
Pamela Haasen - CICK - SmithersBC | 18-08-2021

Last Sunday in Smithers BC and Telkwa, the Bulkley Valley Disc Golf Association held their annual "untournament" for local and regional disc golf players.

Disc golf, if you haven't heard of it, has been called "regular golf's younger, laid-back cousin" by There is no running involved, players often enjoy a libation while playing, and it's generally a very un-sporty sport. Disc Golf is played using a series of discs (with a varying degree of plastic thickness, flying characteristics, and price range) and throwing them into designated baskets with hanging chains used to "catch" the discs.

It's scored much like regular golf, with each basket given a par, and the discs are called drivers, mid-range and putters.

Last Sunday, August 15th the BVDGA invited players from Terrace, Hazleton, Telkwa, Smithers (and even Montreal) to play 27 baskets on two courses.

It was a tremendously gusty day which made for some heartbreak on the course, and the next day, two trees had fallen overnight from the wind.

Pam Haasen was on the scene speaking to disc golf players, the event organizer and even shooting a full day of disc golf herself.

Listen to the audio below for the full day's events on CICK News.