BC provincial health officer says masking still important despite rollbacks

Photo of Dr. Bonnie Henry giving a press conference to the media standing in front of two British Columbian flags.
Dr. Bonnie Henry, provincial health office of British Columbia, shares her thoughts on masking indoors. Photo courtesy of the Government of British Columbia.
Surjit Atwal - CIVL - AbbotsfordBC | 24-03-2022
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As COVID-19 restrictions ease, Dr. Bonnie Henry says she believes that people should continue wearing masks indoors.

The provincial health officer for British Columbia spoke about the importance of taking the necessary precautions to avoid COVID-19 despite mask mandates being lifted on March 11 in an interview with CIVL. Henry says the province is at a place where it no longer needs the mask mandate, but she stresses the importance of masking. In particular, she adds that it is important to wear masks if people are in indoor settings where it is crowded, and they are with people that we don't know.

In regards to the upcoming Vaisakhi festival—celebrated in mid-April—Henry's advice is to have smaller events, host gatherings outside and to support people who are not yet comfortable returning to crowded indoor spaces. Henry also said that gurdwaras and other temples should give people a virtual option so no one misses out because of their fear of returning to crowded indoor spaces.

Listen to the CIVL interview with Dr. Bonnie Henry below: