The Door Is Open – Local Series of Events Provides Opportunities to Learn About Accessibility and Inclusion

A woman is seated in front of a microphone boom in a recording studio. She wears a purple plaid shirt, headphones, glasses, and brown hair. Her purple jacket is draped over her chair.
Zoe Meleitis, co-founder of the IWAU series of events brings opportunities to the Prince George community for people to learn more about advancing equity and
Ian Gregg - CFUR - Prince GeorgeBC | 22-11-2023
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Talking about inclusivity can be daunting for people who are not already in the conversation. That’s why the IWAU (Inspiring Women Among Us) has a yearly discussion series in Prince George to help people explore these issues in a supportive environment, and will continue the tradition starting November 22.

This year, IWAU is without health restrictions, in-person, and bigger than ever. While centered around women, the all-gender series welcomes everyone, aiming to initiate positive change in the community. UNBC professor Dr. Zoë Meletis, highlights the city's evolving nature, acknowledging a shift from its past. “Prince George is,” she pauses for emphasis, “but is also not, the Prince George from fifty years ago.”

Contrary to the perception of an equal society, Meletis points out imbalances in academia. Although female enrollment surpasses males, long-term disparities persist. To address this, she emphasizes the need for collective efforts, especially considering the intersections of race, class, and gender within merit-based systems.

To encourage participation, the series invites attendees without registration or cost, aiming to engage those pushed to the margins. Meletis urges openness to learning, emphasizing the inclusivity of the events.

The series, commencing on November 22nd, concludes on November 29th with a ceremony for the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, hosted earlier in collaboration with the Northern Women's Center and College of New Caledonia at their Gathering Place. Prospective participants can refer to the events schedule directly.