The Boxcar Cowboy at Benson Park: Echoes and remembrances in support of Ukrainian children

A photo at dusk showing a small stage with a smaller train boxcar like model enclosure behind it. A person with a hat on is standing inside the boxcar and pointing away from the stage, while two people are sitting on chairs in the stage in front.
The Boxcar Cowboy at Benson Park, Picton. Photo by Alex Wright.
Alexander Wright - CJPE - PictonON | 14-09-2022
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A presentation of The Boxcar Cowboy took place this past Saturday at Benson Park in support of children in Ukraine.

The play, written by Conrad Beaubien and directed by John Burns, retells the story of prodigal son Charlie, returning home to Prince Edward County from a 30-year railway drift toward western and eastern frontiers (reminiscing and reflecting on his Depression-era experience).

"The 1930’s. The dollar flatter than work at the cannery. Fifteen years old and no future in sight? Charlie would chase one to the end of the rail line that ran out of town," the Station Road Arts website states.

Proceeds from the performance were donated to the Cobblestone Freeway Foundation, which organizes children’s art therapy projects in Ukraine.

Listen to the full story below: