The Aboriginal Front Door Society restores respect, dignity and pride for Aboriginal Peoples

Aboriginal Front Door Society
Food distribution at the Aboriginal Front Door Society - Photo courtesy of AFDS
John Zador - CFRO - VancouverBC | 29-11-2021
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The Aboriginal front door society (AFDS) provides a culturally safe peer designed and nonjudgmental meeting place for Aboriginal people and their friends and family in the downtown the Downtown Eastside.

Today we are joined by 2 members of the society, Carlyle Natrail, an outreach coordinator, and Marie Babisky who helps with the media and produce the society's podcast.

They explains how AFDS supports indigenous people with restoring respect, dignity, and pride back into themselves and their kids. They talk about the food bank program who feeds between 400 to 500 people daily and also how they support indigenous people in the downtown east side with reconnecting to their culture through traditional teachings and ceremony.

Finally they discuss the changing climate and how it can impact people, not only living on the street, but also the service providers put in place to support them.