Terrace official community plan heading to council for restricted heavy industrial rezoning

A grean aerial view of Terrace with the Keith Estates centered in the photo.
An aerial view of Terrace, British Columbia and, more specifically, the Keith Estates site area and adjacent properties. Photo courtesy of Keith Estates NCP.
Pamela Haasen - CICK - SmithersBC | 13-01-2021

The city of Terrace is the site of a proposed transload facility site, or "inland port" project called the NSD Transload Facility. The site, which will allow goods to be shipped and transported between trucks and trains, will be built on the old Cellulose sawmill site, relatively close to downtown Terrace, two blocks from Memorial Hospital.

The company proposing this build (and subsequent re-zoning) is Progressive Ventures Ltd. They are a general contracting company that offers full design-build and construction management, new buildings as well as offer full cycle property development taking projects through feasibility and zoning challenges, design and construction.

The Terrace NSD Transload Facility will use the rail, rather than rely on transport trucks alone, to ship goods into Terrace as well as offer a way for goods to be transported out of Terrace. This project is intended to serve Terrace-Kitimat Hwy 37 North region for goods exportation as well as bulk supplies to local businesses such as lumber, steel, or even retail items.

Progressive Ventures requested to council that the re-zoning of the area be a "restricted use" heavy industrial zoning.

An open house will be held on Jan.14 and the official vote on the Official Community Plan by council will happen Jan. 15.

Hatha Callis, a Progressive Ventures spokesperson, spoke with Chris Gareau about the project's projected results for the people of Terrace and the airport expansion in relation to this new inland port.

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