Tantramar Report: Kayak rentals coming to Silver Lake, walk-in vaccine clinic today, Higgs questioned about vaccine passports

A kayak on a lake at sunset.
The Town of Sackville will be purchasing canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards for Silver Lake. Photo from Fundy National Park.
Erica Butler - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 02-09-2021

On today's Tantramar Report:

The Town of Sackville put out another call for the unfilled Climate Change Coordinator position with EOS Eco-Energy.  Amanda Marlin, the executive director of EOS, says that they didn’t find a candidate in the first round. The education requirements have been toned down from a masters degree to a bachelor’s with some experience, and an age demographic has been added. Those under 30 are encouraged to apply, since additional funding will be accessible to candidates of that age, but Marlin says that those over 30 should not be discouraged from applying. The position is only six months, and will serve as a coordinator of environmental projects between EOS and the Town of Sackville. Those interested should apply by September 12th.

The ParticiPACTION votes are in, and Matt Pryde of town recreation is excited to get to work on setting up kayak, canoe, and paddleboard rentals on Silver Lake. Of the four options, the kayak rentals were far and away the most popular, receiving over half of the votes. Pryde is optimistic that residents, and tourists, will be able to paddle on the lake starting next summer.

Premier Blaine Higgs and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Jennifer Russell held a COVID-19 briefing yesterday, where they simultaneously congratulated 75% of eligible New Brunswickers who have been double-vaxxed and urged the other 25% to get the shot sooner rather than later. Reporters asked the two multiple times about the possibility of implementing vaccine passports in the province, which Premier Blaine Higgs did not commit one way or the other. He said that basically, it is possible the province might introduce a vaccine passport as a way of increasing the rate of vaccination.

There is a drop-in vaccine clinic today at the Corner Drug Store between 10AM and 6PM, which offers both Moderna and Pfizer to anyone turning 12 this year and older, including those who turn 12 this year.

The Sackville Memorial Hospital will be closed overnight between 4PM tonight and 8AM tomorrow, plus this Monday night. The press release from Horizon Health blamed the closure on a shortage of physicians.

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