Tantramar Report: Black Duck to open a specialty grocery store, Mount A students must declare vax status

Alan Barbour and Sarah Evans are expanding their business to sell local produce and specialty items. Photo by Meg Cunningham.
Meg Cunningham - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 02-09-2021

On today's Tantramar Report:

Locals on Bridge Street have been eying a mysterious new “Quality Grocery” sign hanging next to the Black Duck Café. The storefront, which is also owned by the co-owners of the Black Duck (Sarah Evans and Alan Barbour), has been vacant for years. Barbour and Evans have been working away at the space, with the blinds closed, but Barbour says that Sackvillians can expect a soft opening of a new specialty grocery store any day now. The store, so far unnamed beyond “Black Duck Quality Grocery,” will be stocked with frozen or refrigerated foods from the Black Duck’s kitchen, specialty food products, and local farmers’ unsold produce from Saturday’s market. Barbour also dreams of using any leftover produce in the Black Duck’s kitchen, to prevent food waste.

The Sackville Memorial Hospital is back open as of 8am this morning, but will be closed overnight this Monday, September 6th, due to a lack of available physicians.

Students at Mount Allison University are required to disclose their COVID-19 vaccine status both online through the Connect portal, and in person at a drop-in verification site. Mount Allison passed a mandatory mask and vaccine policy weeks ago, which required all students and staff to get the jab or be required to undergo regular testing and increasing public health measures. Before October 1st, all students need to indicate whether they’ve had two shots or not, which will determine what their everyday classroom experience will look like. Fully-vaccinated students will also need to verify their status in person at the Pond with an immunization record and photo ID. The only specifics provided to students who are not fully vaccinated were that they need to disclose their status online by the beginning of next month, and they will then be contacted with next steps. The university urged all eligible students to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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