Tantramar council must opt in or out of continuing to collect blue bags

A man wearing a light grey jacket and blue shirt stands behind a microphone and laptop. There are empty grey chairs beside and behind him in a room with light grey and dark brown walls.
ECO 360's Sebastien Hultberg presenting to Tantramar council on December 4, 2023. Image: Youtube screencap
Erica Butler - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 08-12-2023
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The responsibility for recycling in New Brunswick is changing hands, and Tantramar council is facing a very fast decision over exactly how that plays out.

At its next meeting on Tuesday, December 12, Tantramar council is expected to be presented with a choice of whether to opt in or out of direct involvement in a new provincial recycling system run by an industry group called Circular Materials.

Currently, Tantramar is responsible for handling residential recycling pick up, and ECO 360 looks after sorting and repurposing of those materials. The cost to run the recycling system has always rested on collective taxpayer shoulders. But that is changing now, with a new ‘extended producer responsibility’ (EPR) system being phased in across the province.

CHMA listened in to a presentation from ECO 360’s Sebastien Hultberg outlining the options for Tantramar as Circular Materials takes over blue bag recycling in the province.

Listen to the story below: