Talking with one of Sackville’s new nurse recruits

woman smiling with stethoscope around neck
Soon-to-be-graduating Registered Nurse Justine Graham. Photo: Contributed.
Erica Butler - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 25-03-2022
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Horizon Health recently announced the hiring of new staff members at the Sackville Memorial Hospital. That’s great news for all those pushing for the restoration of services at the hospital, including acute care beds and 24/7 Emergency Department. 

Justine Graham is one of those new recruits.The former licensed practical nurse (LPN) will start her role as a registered nurse at the Sackville hospital in June, after graduating from UNB’s bridging program. Sackville wasn’t a hard sell for Graham, who worked here as an LPN before deciding to upgrade her skills in 2019. 

CHMA spoke with Graham about her decision, and also the challenge she now faces of finding a place to live in Sackville. Graham started off talking about her experience working at the Sackville Memorial Hospital as a licensed practical nurse: