Suspect wanted in race track fire

Three burned out cars in a field
Cars burned by fire Photo Pam Innes-Westhaver
Ed Halverson - QCCR/CJQC - LiverpoolNS | 17-09-2021
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A local racing organization is looking for help identifying the person responsible for setting fire to three cars.

At approximately 5:30pm Sunday night someone entered the track area of the Roughneck Offroad Racing Club destroying the vehicles and ransacking the canteen.

Club president Pam Inness-Westhaver says they’re hoping the public can provide information on who did it.

“We have a description of a vehicle. As of today, [we’re] waiting to see what the RCMP say on that. We have some tips on a person, a description of somebody coming out around that timeline but nothing has been 100 percent confirmed at this point,” said Inness-Westhaver.

Located off exit 20A on Highway 103, the track has been in operation for close to 30 years.

Inness-Westhaver says over the ten years their organization has been using the track for stock car and off-road races she’s seen the odd break-in or minor vandalism but never damage to this extent.

She’s says the cars that were lost were mainly being used for parts and the damage could’ve been much worse as a good deal of heavy equipment such as loaders and excavators were parked alongside the burned vehicles.

“Thankfully they picked three cars that, at one point had been owned by somebody else but now had just been left there for the track,” said Inness-Westhaver.

Fire crews were quick to respond and extinguish the flames.

Inness-Westhaver says the 50 members in their club come from all over the Maritimes to race at the track.

She says it’s fortunate people were in and out of the site that day preparing for races taking place this weekend when the fire was set.

“If somebody wouldn’t have been going up to paint our grandstands at that time, it’s almost frightening what would have happened ‘cause the cars are right by the woods,” said Inness-Westhaver. “There’s still enough fuel in them to make them explode.”

Inness-Westhaver says they’ve forwarded the information they have to investigators and are asking the public to come forward to RCMP with anything that can help identify the people responsible.

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