South Shore Drive-in waiting on the word to reopen

A large white movie drive-in screen is seen in a field with a man standing in front of it looking up at it on an overcast day.
South Shore Drive-In screen. Photo courtesy of Catherine Croft.
Ed Halverson - QCCR - LiverpoolNS | 10-06-2021

Organizers of the South Shore Drive-In say this season will be worth the wait.

Catherine Croft, one of the principal organizers, says people are asking when the local drive in will begin operations, pointing out other drive-ins in Nova Scotia have been operating for a few weeks.

Croft says the season will get underway soon and she’s asking patrons to be patient just a little while longer.

“Our drive-in is a bit different,” says Croft. “We’re run by volunteers and unlike some drive-ins that are able to do no-person contact essentially. You can buy your ticket online and you park yourselves.”

Croft says their operation is based on in-person interaction.

Her team of volunteers, including members of the Queens County Ground Search and Rescue, are responsible for everything from selling tickets, directing where to park, selling concessions and cleaning washrooms.

That support team alone can include up to 30 people, which could see the operation run afoul of public gathering limits set by public health.

Croft says their group had hoped to start showing films June 5, but now expects they will have to wait until sometime this summer when restrictions ease.

When the facility is up and running, Croft says they have plans to offer more than movies to their audience.

She is working to showcase local live music. Performers will play on a stage in front of the big screen while their image is shown behind them.

Croft also wants to expand their offerings into the community by bringing their smaller screen to private events.

That would allow people to watch movies, or play video games as part of their gatherings.

The screen is being installed this week at the South Shore Drive-In home on the Hank Snow Museum property.

Croft says she and her team are as anxious as everyone else to get the season underway.

“I’m ready. I’ve been all winter ready. I am ready to go with concessions, our screen is ready and cleaned this year and we’ll be ready to rock and roll whenever the government says or Dr. Strang can say that we can do it," she says.

Reported by Ed Halverson 
Twitter: @edwardhalverson

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