SNEC to call for community feedback on naming of road for new housing complex

Six Nations Central Administration Building. Photo by CJKS.
Deya Miller - CKRZ - OhswekenON | 14-12-2023
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A new housing complex is just about ready to open, but it is missing an important element -- a  street address.

The concern was raised by Lily Mt Pleasant of Six Nations Housing on Monday at the Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Band Council (SNEC) political liaison meeting on Monday December 11. Mt Pleasant raised concerns that  the the new housing units being built on at 49 Harold Road cannot be properly identified until the street is named.

During her presentation, Mt Pleasant said that this had been brought to Council's attention at a political liaison meeting back in May 2023. At that meeting, council said that it was going to ask for community feedback, however no action as happened since.

After the presentation, questions were asked  by councillors Kari Bomberry and Audrey Powless-Bomberry about gathering community feedback and suggestions.

CKRZ radio is collecting community feedback from its listeners. To submit a comment, email

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