Small town BC business owner goes viral on TikTok as “Hot Boss”

JJ's Fashion's Owner Rhylan Streloff and Employee Madecyn Dobie
JJ's Fashion Owner Rhylan Streloff recently went viral on TikTok tallying more than a million followers. (Jim Bailey/Trail Times)
Darren Davidson - CJLY - KootenayBC | 15-02-2021
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JJ's Fashion's in Trail has gone viral on TikTok due to a series featuring its owner/manager Rhylan Streloff.

The homemade video series is called "Hot Boss" and it set at the 37-year-old family-owned clothing business.

It now amounts to dozens of 15-second videos, following the antics of two of the store’s female employees in their efforts to attract the attention of apparently handsome Streloff.

The clips have garnered an enormous social media following. Since October, 1.2 million people have begun following the Hot Boss series and nearly 23 million have liked it.

Streloff has even gotten offers from The Bachelorette TV show.

Here's Streloff explaining how the TikTok triumph happened in an interview with CJLY: