Six Nations students head back to the classroom

Travis Anderson, Director of Federal Schools on Six Nations says it's exciting times as students from Six Nations are returning to the classroom full time for the first time since the pandemic began back in 2020. Photo Courtesy of Six Nations School District.
Andrew Dow - CJKS - OhswekenON | 08-09-2022
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This year, the Six Nations School District (SNSD) is looking forward to getting back to a more normal school year as students and teachers will be returning to the classroom. With the return of staff and students, we'll also be seeing the return of extra-curricular activities like sports, after-school programs and field trips.

Travis Anderson, Director of federal schools spoke with CJKS to talk about the upcoming school year and the excitement of having students back in class and extra-curricular activities returning.

He said, "this year with it hopefully being a little bit more of a normal start, the excitement levels are there. We're planning to continue to move forward with extracurricular activities".

Anderson spoke on the return of sports and other activities to get students back to engaging with one another. He said, "we're really trying to develop the more normal type of things that you would see in schools, and being able to take part." He also said "we're looking to supporting an enriching school experience that enables academic success and lets students take advantage of activities and programs that enhance classroom learning and build social and life skills. That's a really important piece of it is being able to hang out with your friends, peers and the staff away from the school. It changes the dynamics a little bit and it's really important for building those relationships and bonds".

Anderson did say that masking and dividers will be optional when it comes to their COVID-19 screening but rapid tests and allergen tests will be available for all students and staff. School COVID-19 nurses will be present at all schools to support the students and staff, high touch area maintenance cleaners will be surveilling the school and sanitizing throughout the day as well as making sure the air filtration systems are being changed more regularly than they were in the past.

Anderson said the Six Nations School District will continue to follow the guidance from Ohsweken Public Health to keep schools safe and is not looking to adopt the Ontario guidelines just yet.

Parents and students have been urged to screen themselves and family before they go to the school and if anyone is showing symptoms of an illness they are being advised to stay home.

Listen to the full CJKS story with Travis Anderson below: