Six Nations seeing shortage of children’s pain medication

Six Nations Pharmasave. Photo by David Moses.
David Moses - CKRZ - OhswekenON | 24-11-2022
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Last week, Health Canada announced gave an update on the current shortage of children’s acetaminophen products in Canada.

In the Nov. 14 statement, Health Canada confirmed that they had secured a foreign supply of children’s acetaminophen that would be available at retail and community pharmacies in the coming weeks.

According to Six Nations pharmacist Mankay Lee, those supplies have yet to reach Six Nations.

He added that there is an alternative for people who may need children's acetaminophen: some Canadian pharmacies can create a liquid suspension of the drug on site. But Six Nations Pharmasave is not one of them.

Lee, who has been the pharmacist at the Six Nations Pharmasave since last January, says he has no idea when new supplies of children’s acetaminophen will be arriving at the Pharmasave and says they have seen a shortage since September.

The shortage of children’s acetaminophen was driven by an early rise of viral illnesses since spring, like influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), creating a temporary shortage of infant and children's liquid acetaminophen as well as ibuprofen products, like Tylenol and Tempra.

Listen to the full report below: