Sherbrooke’s Cestar College introduces community artificial intelligence workshops

Abdel pointing to someone at his workshop
AI workshops are now being run for community members by Sherbrooke's Cestar College. Photo by Nikola Stanojevic on Cestar College
Derek Bullard - CJMQ - SherbrookeQC | 30-10-2023
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Sherbrooke's Cestar College has unveiled free community artificial intelligence (AI) workshops, in an effort towards making AI more accessible.

In a recent interview on CJMQ's "Reaching Out to the Community," Abdel Bassit Senhadjii shared insights into the world of AI and its educational prospects.

Bassit announced the upcoming "free AI community workshop" set for Nov. 2, tailored to both AI experts and beginners. He described this workshop as a platform for "personalized learning, making AI accessible to all." Whether individuals are already well-versed in AI or just starting their exploration, this workshop aims to offer insights and respond to community members' inquiries.

Bassit, who holds a master's degree in physics and astronomy from Bishops University, emphasized his active involvement in education and online tutoring since 2019. This academic journey, interweaving physics, astronomy, and computer science, provided a foundation in the physical sciences and specialized knowledge in AI and machine learning.

Elucidating the intricacies of AI and machine learning, Bassit highlighted AI as "the emulation of human intelligence within machines, enabling them to tackle tasks demanding human-like problem-solving." Within this context, he said machine learning is "a subset of AI where machines learn from data without explicit programming," underscoring the continued need for human supervision and programming.

Bassit said that "AI is reshaping diverse sectors, spanning from healthcare to automotive and marketing," and noted AI's far-reaching influence.

He underscored its pivotal role in "automating processes, enhancing diagnostic capabilities, offering personalized recommendations, and optimizing various industries." He added that there's an importance to comprehending how to effectively harness AI's versatility for its application across different fields.

When discussing ethical AI implementation, Bassit urged for "responsible development, transparency, and regulatory measures." He highlighted the significance of educating individuals about the potential consequences associated with AI, fostering responsible utilization of this technology.

In alignment with his belief in accessibility, Bassit asserted that AI education should be within everyone's reach, irrespective of their background. He highlighted the forthcoming workshop and the wealth of online resources and courses as tools to facilitate AI exploration for all individuals.

Listen to the interview below: