Sherbrooke International Bantam Tournaments at risk due to volunteer shortages

Harfangs win AAA Bantam Tournament
Harfang wins the Bantam Tournament AAA. Photo taken by: Robert Legault, TIBS.
Derek Bullard - CJMQ - SherbrookeQC | 24-11-2023
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Despite the Sherbrooke International Bantam Tournament's longstanding tradition and regional significance, recent volunteer recruitment challenges have emerged, prompting a crucial discussion on the event's future.

CJMQ interviewed Robert Legault, communications spokesperson for the 41st International Bantam Tournament held from Nov. 1-5 in Sherbrooke, Québec. Legault said the tournament was successful this year, highlighting the participation of 35 teams from across Quebec, as well as international contenders from Slovakia.

"Everything went well as far as the competition and attendance are concerned," he notes.

In addressing the shortage, Legault emphasizes the strain on organizers, noting, "It causes a lot of stress in any type of activity where we need those people."

His plea for community involvement echoes a broader sentiment.

"People will have to realize at one point that we do need volunteers. Or there's no way we can organize these events," he said.

Offering a nuanced perspective on the issue, Legault suggests practical ways for individuals to contribute, saying,

"If people can come and give a couple of shifts, 3-4 hour shifts during the week, that will help us big time."

He underscores the tournament's unique position, where all benefits go to support hockey in Sherbrooke, involving 1,500 hockey players.

"How come the parents don't get involved as much as they could?" Legault questions.

Looking ahead, Legault discusses the future events of Hockey Sherbrooke, encouraging interested individuals to reach out.

"People are already interested in investing some time in the tournament," he notes, providing contact details and directing potential volunteers to the Hockey Sherbrooke website.

Listen to the full story below: