Shelter Movers Nova Scotia looks for volunteers amid shortage

Portrait photo of Jennifer O’Neil,the Nova Scotia Chapter director of Shelter Movers Nova Scotia. She is seen smiling and wearing a black shirt.
Jennifer O’Neil is the Nova Scotia Chapter director of Shelter Movers Nova Scotia. Photo contributed.
Sara Gouda - CKDU - HalifaxNS | 16-01-2023
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Shelter Movers Nova Scotia is looking for about 60 volunteers to help support the growing community needs.

The shelter, a non-profit organization that provides free moving and storage services for people fleeing abusive relationships, serves clients in the Halifax Regional Municipality, the South Shore, the Annapolis Valley, and Truro.

Jennifer O'Neil, who first started out as a volunteer for the organization three years ago, is the chapter director for Shelter Movers Nova Scotia.

"We are the only service in Canada that provides a service like this I believe. We provide moving and storage services free of charge to people fleeing violence and abuse," said O'Neil.

She said this service has been provided in Nova Scotia for about three years, but was first provided in 2016 in Toronto, Ontario and has since expanded.

"Currently, we do need volunteers as movers. That seems to be a challenging position for us to fill. In a perfect world, we'd have probably another 60 core volunteers in the valley and the South Shore because currently, we have to take volunteers from the HRM to service those areas," she said.

Shelter Movers were able to accommodate about four moves a month, and, since growing, has been able to accommodate up to 25 moves a month more recently.

"With that growth comes the need for more volunteers and more financial support," said O'Neil.

Volunteers can apply on their website, meet the requirements to be at least 18 years old, and submit a police record check before learning about schedules and moving days.


Listen to the full CKDU interview below: