Photographer Sandra Semchuk speaks about the many faces of reconciliation

Photographer Sandra Semchuk
Photographer Sandra Semchuk holding a picture of late husband, Cree artist James Nicholas. Photo courtesy of Canada Council for the Arts.
Gunargie O'Sullivan - CFRO - VancouverBC | 18-10-2021
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Recently, photographer Sandra Semchuk returned a box of moccasins to the Meadow Lake Tribal Council that came into her possession after the death of her uncle. The artist, herself born in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, comes from a tight-knit family of first-generation Ukrainian Canadian immigrants.

In a conversation with CFRO's Gunargie O'Sullivan, Semchuk recalls the story of the moccasins bought by her uncle in the 1950s from the Indigenous women who sewed and designed them and were then displayed in her uncle’s store.

Semchuk also talks about her personal and professional relationship with her late husband, Cree artist James Nicholas.

Listen to CFRO's interview with Semchuk below: 

More info: A short video portrait of Sandra Semchuk