Sackville inside jokes and hallmarks now on T-shirts

A person wears a T-shirt and a face mask while standing in front of a restaurant.
Pushkaraj Javhav created the SACC Store to share his love of Sackville. Photo from the SACC Store Instagram (model: Emma Fung).
Meg Cunningham - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 16-02-2021
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Pushkaraj Javhav, a third-year commerce student at Mount Allison, started a unique line of merchandise just last week.

T-shirts with Sackville specific inside jokes are available to order on his brand new website and social media pages.

The store, called SACC store, is a project based on his love for Sackville.

“I love [Sackville] to be honest. I’ve been here for almost more than two years now, and it was a big change for me because I came from a big city,” says Javhav.

“I decided to do this because I know that there’s like a big small town community vibe here. Everyone knows everyone, and people are really close to each other. I really like that.”

Some designs include shirts for Mount Allison’s aviation students, jokes about cheesy garlic fingers, and the Sackville trademark mallard duck.

Javhav says he will have more designs out this week, and is hoping to bring on some arts students to help with design work.

He’s applied for a summer grant to help expand and maintain the business.

He says his new designs are “geared towards coffee lovers in Sackville, [which] hopefully will become a little more popular.”

Stay tuned to Javhav’s website and Instagram for more Sackville-based T-shirts and merchandise.

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