Residents survey live now until March 31

Kieran Miller is Sackville’s new Senior Manager of Corporate Projects. Photo: contributed.
Kieran Miller is Sackville’s new Senior Manager of Corporate Projects. Photo: contributed.
Erica Butler - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 24-03-2021
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Every year for the past three years the Town of Sackville has surveyed residents as part of its annual report card to citizens. This year’s survey has gone live online, and CHMA called up the town’s new senior manager of corporate projects, Kieran Miller, to tell us about it.


Miller says the questions on this year’s survey will be consistent with previous years, to help town staff measure results against those in the past.

“It’s basically asking residents about their level of satisfaction with different town of Sackville services,” she says. This year, Miller is hoping the number of respondents will go up, as it has since the survey was launched.

“Each year, the number of respondents has increased,” says Miller. “So I definitely encourage people to fill out the survey. The more people that fill it out, the better information that we get, and the more improvements we can make based on that info.”

Results released in 2020 included questions about recreation programs, town parks and facilities, winter road/sidewalk conditions, garbage collection, police services, fire services, town roads and sidewalks, tourism initiatives, arts and cultural programs and events, marketing and communications, and economic development.

The residents’ survey is a voluntary survey, and so lacks the scientific punch that a randomly selected sample of opinions from town residents might provide.

Of the 259 people who answered the residents’ poll last year, 81% said they were satisfied with the “overall quality of life” in the town. Services that the most respondents said they were satisfied with were fire services, garbage collection, and town parks and facilities. On the other end of the scale, the fewest respondents – 41% – were satisfied with the town’s economic development efforts and only 49% were satisfied with town streets and sidewalks.

Read more about last year’s survey at