Renaissance Variety celebrates 20 years in business with mural

The Yerecks stand in the doorway of their business, which has a large Mario Brothers themed mural.
Renaissance Variety in Shaville is sporting a new look these days, as owners Jason and Lorna Yereck have commissioned a Mario-themed mural to celebrate 20 years in business. Photo by Caleb Nickerson.
Caleb Nickerson - CHIP - PontiacQC | 02-08-2022
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Residents of Shawville may have noticed one of the businesses on Centre Street has an eye-catching new look.

Renaissance Variety is owned by Jason and Lorna Yereck, and has been at their current location at 193 Centre St. since 2007. Prior to that, the store was situated at the corner of Centre and Main Street, which they opened in May 2002. Jason said that they were brainstorming ways to commemorate two decades in business, and sprucing things up with a mural seemed like the way to go.

Jason said that they decided to go with the Mario theme because it would be instantly recognizable to a large demographic and the bright colours would be eye-catching. The work was done by a local artist out of Quyon who goes by the name Gambo Proulx, who Jason said is also a long-time Renaissance customer.

Renaissance sells all kinds of video games, consoles and accessories of all makes and vintages, as well as a large selection of books, music and more. Jason added that they also do quite a bit of electronics recycling and refurbishment.

As far as future plans, Yereck said that they were contemplating what to do with the wall where their entrance is, but didn’t have any firm plans yet.

The full interview with Jason Yereck is available below: