Remembrance Day ceremonies reopen to the public

A poppy with a black centre is seen against a white background
The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 38 in Liverpool is hosting a Remembrance Day service once again. Photo by Ed Halverson.
Ed Halverson - QCCR/CJQC - LiverpoolNS | 10-11-2021
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The public can once again attend Remembrance Day ceremonies this year.

The events were limited to invited guests in 2020 due to restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chairman of the poppy fund for Royal Canadian Legion Branch 38 Louis Landry says ceremonies will go ahead this year but all events must take place outside.

“The Liverpool ceremony was always held within the theatre with a wreath-laying session out at the actual cenotaph after the ceremony,’ said Landry. “Because of COVID[-19] this year, we’ve decided not to have it indoors, we’ll have everything outdoors as we did last year.”

COVID-19 protocols have been relaxed but Landry says anyone attending one of the nine services being held across Queens County will need to wear a mask and follow the six-foot social distancing rules.

Landry says the legion banquet that would traditionally follow the ceremony has also been canceled.

Instead, people are invited to stop by the legion following the ceremony to speak veterans and members.

Anyone wishing to enter the Legion will need to show proof of vaccination before entering.

A complete list of Remembrance Day ceremonies and locations is available on the Legion Branch 38 Facebook page.

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