Quyon man catches cab home from Quebec City, refuses to pay

The logo of the MRC des Collines Police, with gold letters on a black background above a logo of green and blue mountains.
MRC des Collines Police responded to an argument in Quyon after a 23-year-old man took a 500 km cab ride home from Quebec City and refused to pay the driver. Photo courtesy of MRC des Collines Police.
Caleb Nickerson - CHIP - PontiacQC | 15-10-2021

On Wednesday, a young man from Quyon managed to rack up a steep cab fare on his way home.

MRC des Collines Police were called after an argument broke out between the 23-year-old man and a cab driver who had driven him home from Quebec City, roughly 500 km. The bill for the lengthy trip was $885 and the man refused to pay. Police arrived and identified the suspect, who was known to them.

According to MRC des Collines Police representative Josée Forest, the mother of the young man and the cab driver likely came to an agreement over the bill and at the time:

The driver declined to press charges.