Music collective QWave encourages everyone to make music, tries to break down barriers

A man working with an audio board and laptop
QWave founder Adam Ben David making music at a Union Gallery event. Photo by Karim Mosna.
Karim Mosna - CFRC - KingstonON | 17-11-2022
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Queen's University's music production collective QWave, along with the International Education Conference, hosted a Sound Play event at The Union Gallery yesterday. QWave founder Adam Ben David says it was an opportunity for people to come and create their own music using sounds that already exist.

“A lot of the time it can be kind of frustrating if you don’t play an instrument…if you have this passion for music and you don’t feel like you have an outlet for it, it’s nice to be able to create something of your can come in here with no instruments and create something totally different than what someone else might do two minutes afterword," says Ben David.

He the club's mission statement is anyone can make music and that they try to break down barriers.

"We recognize finances are a big barrier, instruments can be exorbitantly expensive…through the funding the club gets through our opt out fee we are able to provide these resources for free…we have a studio on campus members are free to use...When you sign up, you get access right away to free software that’s granted by our sponsors…you get a digital audio work station for free and you can start messing around with sounds for yourself.”

QWave also offers tutorials and workshops; the collective is open to Queen’s students and Kingston community members.

To learn more, visit QWave's website.

Listen to the CFRC story below: