Queen’s University easing transitions for International Students

A man pointing at a spot on a map of the world
Joshua Awoulsi, Front Office Administrator with The Queen's University International Centre points to his home country of Nigeria. Photo by: Karim Mosna
Karim Mosna - CFRC - KingstonON | 06-09-2022
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Queen's University welcomed 4,500 new students into residence this past weekend. Some of these students travelled from different countries to study in Kingston. Last week, the Queens University International Centre held a ‘Welcome Week’ for newcomer students.

Joshua Awoulsi, Front Office Administrator with The Queens University International Centre says Welcome Week eases the transition for International Students into the University and into Canada.

“How do you transition into classroom settings because it’s quite different from where you’re coming from. How do you walk in the group? We’re looking at how you interact with your professors. What are the expectations at Queen’s University?” says Awoulsi.

The Welcome Week provides intercultural training through activities and events.

“In Canada we have a diverse environment, and we also want to reflect that in the way we interact with others…how to respect people’s opinion even if we have a different opinion. It’s also an opportunity for people to come together, when you have the right friends, it can make it easier to settle into Canada and into Queen’s," says Awoulsi.

The QUIC also provides career support.

“We can talk about your career and how to go about it…How do you package your CV properly? How do you put your cover letter in a way to bring out the best of your skills and experience. I remember when I was in Nigeria, there’s a different way I write things…these are the kind of skills that are needed for all International Students in order for them to adapt easily…When you settle in Canada you realize you don’t have to be stuck with your old degree. Back home in Nigeria, you get stuck with what you have as your primary degree. Coming to Canada you realize there’s a lot more opportunities I can actually explore, skills I can add on, a lot of knowledge I have in the past that I’d like to build on, that makes you feel Canada is the right place,” says Awoulsi.

Student Rohini Wagh arrived in Canada from India last week for the Arts and Science program. She says,“The flexibility they provide during the selection of courses is a factor I really liked about Canadian Universities.”

Archana Aralikatti, also from India, is studying engineering at Queen’s. She says she hopes to make a lot of friends and enjoy the study life.


Listen to the full CFRC interview with Joshua Awoulsi below: