Queens County community hub may be closing for good

The outside of the blue Seaside Centre on a sunny day
The Seaside Centre. Photo courtesy of Damien van den Berg.
Ed Halverson - QCCR/CJQC - LiverpoolNS | 12-11-2021
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The Seaside Centre in Beach Meadow needs a to find a new board of directors after President Sandy Cross announced she will step down from her role Nov. 30.

Currently, Cross is the only executive at the community centre and says it can’t continue to operate as a one-woman show.

“Well, if nobody steps up on the 22 of November, when we have the special meeting, then we have to look at selling off the stuff that’s in the building and then selling the building,” said Cross.

The public meeting is being held in a last-ditch attempt to recruit community members to form a new board.

The Seaside Centre currently provides rental space and regularly hosts quilters, crafters, fitness classes, yoga, and a cheer team in addition to sporadic special events and suppers.

Cross is also concerned as the centre is more than just a recreation hub, serving as a centre where residents can fill water jugs, take a shower or do laundry in the event of an emergency.

The province handed over Seaside Centre to the municipality in the 1990s when it stopped being used as a school.

Region of Queens Mayor Darlene Norman says if the centre goes up for private sale, there’s nothing the region can do.

“There’s no clause in the agreement that reverts this property back to the municipality,” said Norman. “You and I know people are willing, very willing, to purchase beachfront property.”

After being involved with Seaside Centre since 1994, Cross is hopeful the community will rally to keep it going.

“Bring in new ideas and new blood, new set of hands and feet because there is so much potential for that building,” said Cross

The public meeting will be held 6:30 p.m. Nov. 22 at the Seaside Centre for anyone interested in volunteering.

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