Professor donates over 150 Indigenous artifacts to Portage College

A beaded vest with fringe. There is a small photo of the vet on top of the main photo.
Beaded vest with fringe artisan artifact donated by Dr. Mucz for Portage College, date unknown. Photo submitted.
Daniel Barker-Tremblay - CFWE - EdmontonAL | 09-08-2022
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Portage College in Lac La Biche received over 152 artifact items that represent Indigenous culture from all parts of Canada.

The donation was made by Dr. Michael Mucz, retired professor of biology at the University of Alberta’s Augustana Camrose campus, on July 27. The artifacts are valued at $76,000.

Donna Feledichuk, vice president of Academic and research, spoke about the wide range of items that were received by Mucz after his visit at the Museum of Aboriginal Peoples' Art and Artifacts.

A headshot of a woman with brunette hair. She is wearing a white jacket and there is a white background behind her.

Donna Feledichuk, vice president of Academic and research at Portage College. Photo submitted.

The 152 items include wood carvings and prints, 50 fabric wall hangings, and other pieces such as moccasins, tanned leathers, games, tools and weapons. Feledichuk says that these donated items will be great teaching tools in the Native Cultural Program, and they will showcase the inclusion of the Inuit culture for students that come from Inuit areas like the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Aleutian Caribou Skim wind mask artisan artifact. There is a zoomed in photo on top of the other photo.

Aleutian Caribou Skim wind mask artisan artifact, date unknown donated by Dr. Mucz to Portage College. Photo submitted.

Portage College also has tours for Grades K-12 from across the province of Alberta. Feledichuk says that the donations help to teach younger students about the different types of Indigenous cultures.

A blue grey wall hanging with a yellow tent on it, people, dogs and a polar bear.

Wall hanging, artist and title unknown. Artifact donated by Dr. Mucz towards Portage College. Photo submitted.

Feledichuk encourages others to come by and experience the Indigenous artworks, which she believes will help spark conversations, and hopes will inspire others to learn about the Indigenous cultures from across Canada.


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